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Post by Mohsen Alamdar, Sep 05, 2019.


Where bolting force is sufficient, this style gasket is capable of extremely tight make-ups, giving high mechanical strength, good heat conductivity, and resistance to temperature, corrosion, and pressure. This plain solid metal gasket can be supplied in any desired configuration.
Can be ordered according to the detailed drawing

Why Suggested

Farafan Flat Metal Gaskets are relatively inexpensive to produce and deliver good sealing performance in a variety of applications over a wide temperature range. The machined styles, with reduced surface may be the only answer to highpressure, high-temperature situations or corrosive applications in flanges where available bolting forces are too light to accommodate the style P-940 type gasket.

Where Recommended

Farafan Flat Metal Gaskets are recommended for use in valve bonnets, ammonia fittings, heat exchangers, hydraulic presses and tongue and groove flange joints. Solid metal gaskets like Style P-940 give good service when compressibility is not required to compensate for flange surface finish, warped faces or misalignment and where there is sufficient clamping force available to flow the gasket metal selected. Machined styles, with profiled cross-sections, are used where the available bolt force is not adequate to properly seal a flat gasket.

What Constructions Are Available

Farafan Flat Metal Gaskets are made of flat metal, relatively thin in relation to gasket width. They can be used as cut from sheet stock, or with the gasket surface area reduced by machining to improve sealability. Flat metal gaskets are available in any metal in thicknesses and hardness suitable for its intended service which can be machined, or otherwise fabricated to the desired shape.


Farafan Style P-940 is a plain solid metal gasket which can be supplied in any desired configuration. Where bolting force is sufficient, this style is efficient and economical, particularly on flanges with a circular lay surface finish. The P-940 has great mechanical strength, excellent heat transfer properties and good resistance to high temperatures, pressures and chemical attack. Unless the gasket is finished machined, the width should be at least 150% of the metal thickness. There are no limitations on flat metal gasket dimensions, however available sheet stock may requirewelding to obtain gaskets beyond a certain size.


Farafan Style P-941 Profile Gaskets combine the desirable qualities of solid metal gaskets with the advantages of reduced area of contact (less bolting force required) provided by the “V” shaped ribbed surface. This style is recommended when a solid metal gasket (generally 3/64″ or thicker) is required because of pressure (radial strength), temperature, when sealing highly corrosive media or where available bolt force is not sufficient to effect a sealing line. Style P-941 is also recommended in screwed (attrition) closures where the relatively small contact area keeps friction down to a level low enough to seal the joint. STYLE P-943 & P-944 These are essentially Style P-941 gaskets covered with a metal outer jacket employing the principle of reduced contact area with the characteristics of an all-metal gasket. The smooth surface prevents scoring of the flange faces.

Style P-943

gaskets use a French type jacket for narrow gaskets while the Style P-944 gasket employs a single jacket for wider gaskets.
NOTE: These gaskets should NOT be ordered without prior consultation with Farafan O-Seal Division Technical services personnel.

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