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Hellico Flex

Post by Mohsen Alamdar, Sep 05, 2019.

Introducing the HELICOFLEX® Seal :

The HELICOFLEX® seal is a resilient high performance metal seal that was created as part of a joint technical collaboration with the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Its incredible performance is a result of many years of research, experimentation and practical application in key markets such as Nuclear, Physics Research, Chemical, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Industrial. HELICOFLEX® design flexibility allows Technetics engineers to customize the seal characteristics to match each unique application.

HELICOFLEX® Sealing Concept

The sealing concept of the HELICOFLEX® seal is based on viscoplastic deformation of a metallic lining. This lining is selected based on its plasticity, which has to be softer than the flange material. Such deformation is obtained by compressing a helical spring. The spring gives the HELICOFLEX® seal its remarkable elasticity. The use of a helical spring as the elastic core ensures an outstanding level of adaptability to flange geometry and defects.

The Choice of the Spring Characteristics Allows:

To adjust compression load based on type of lining material and required sealing level.
To control the load needed to ensure a permanent contact between the flanges.

HELICOFLEX® DELTA Spring Energized Metal Seals

Sealing Concept
The HELICOFLEX® DELTA seal is a member of the HELICOFLEX® family of spring energized seals. The sealing principle of the HELICOFLEX® family of seals is based upon the plastic deformation of a jacket that has greater ductility than the flange materials. This occurs between the sealing face of a flange and an elastic core composed of a close-wound helical spring.
The spring is selected to have a specific compression resistance. During compression, the resulting specific pressure forces the jacket to yield and ensures positive contact with the flange sealing faces. Each coil of the helical spring acts independently and allows the seal to conform to irregularities on the flange surface.
The HELICOFLEX® DELTA seal is unique in that it uses two small ridges or “Deltas” on the face of the seal. The load required to plastically deform the jacket material is greatly reduced by concentrating the compression load on the Deltas. The resulting high contact stress in the seal track makes the HELICOFLEX® DELTA seal an excellent choice for ultra-high vacuum applications that require ultra-low Helium leak rates. There is typically no risk of damaging the flange sealing surfaces as long as the minimum hardness requirements are maintained.
To learn more about the HELICOFLEX® You can contact us for a custom-engineered solution to your application or to request a quote.

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